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Rise of the Triad is being re-made by Interceptor Entertainment using the Unreal Engine. That directly isn’t the point of this post however, but I will include a courtesy embed of their excellent eighteen minute multiplayer trailer:

The point of this post is to comment on the Rock Paper Shotgun newspost about it. I won’t link to it because it is terrible, but also because they open their posts up with long winded attempts at humor to justify a clickthrough for a single video embed or screenshot. What gets me about it in particular though is the commentary. The focus on calling it old school, as if this is an amazing thing. Yes it is old school, it is a remake of a now 18 year old (by Full Version dates) game, of course it is. It is “blindingly, blitzingly, brutally fast” or, you know, normal amounts of fast. The movement speed matches the sub-genre.

Marveling at the capacity of speed in a game aside, the rest of the post is filled with fluff that seems like it could only be steeped in ignorance as to the game and the genre. Comments on the level variety assume that it is a case of silly over the top logic as to why it isn’t one setting. Games typically draw their multiplayer content from a vertical slice of the single player, it saves resources, and it ties the two components together. You see a castle, a military complex, and an underground lava base in the trailer, because the world of ROTT involves a castle being used for advanced paramilitary functions and also involves a lair centered around lava. It is all part of the game world, it isn’t strictly variety for some senseless appeal to “old school” styles.

(Also, first person shooters, be they “old school” or not, do this. As I said earlier, it saves resources and it draws connections – Quake’s deathmatch maps make for an almost pure microcosm of the single player.)

What is with the “DUDESHOOT MANKILL” comment? Have they not heard of a first person shooter before? You shoot, and you shoot things with the intent of killing them. Often the enemies are other humans, typically male, the protagonist is often male (though ROTT has two female characters to play as), and in multiplayer it is common for players to all depict the protagonists, thus you have in most scenarios men attempting to shoot other men in a game. Is RPS unfamiliar with the genre? Or multiplayer?

I think what gets me is the post is rife with padding for what is simply “Here, look at this” content, and it manages to use “old school” and link to an interview, without ever clearly delineating that they know it is a remake, or are particularly familiar with first person shooters. Don’t even get me started on the people who compare its speed to Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament. I enjoy those games, but they are thick molasses next to the early and mid-90’s shooters.

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  1. p!stolero

    Yeah – the RPS writing guff is getting way way out of control. It’s not like a clever line woven into a story from time to time, but rather bloody paragraph after paragraph of mindless drivel.
    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    1. scar3crow Post author

      Well, that is in keeping with the original. You can also turn into a dog and it is a power-up in the game’s balance. It IS meant to be silly, it just isn’t arbitrary and random like RPS claims.

  2. Tei

    What RPS calls “old school” is a niche inside the FPS genre. Thanks to consoles and titles like Halo or Gears of War, even on the PC we play things with regenerative health, shot from cover mechanic, slow moving characters, holster your weapon to run, and all that stuff. Its like the FPS game, the way it works on consoles, as “win” the cultural war, and now is the default style.

    This is good or bad? I think is bad, because it means less variety. In the end all FPS’s look the same, because most or all of them try to copy the same thing, the USA marine dudebro. More variety would be good, more old school or whatever you call it, whould be good. But its hard to break that dominance, even to have exceptions. I doubt ROTT will be a huge success.

    RPS is not a news website, is a opinion blog site, written by journalist and writters. The point is not to inform people, but to comment the whatever the writters could found interesting, in a interesting way. So these jokes, these bad english jokes, are the RPS style, and why RPS exist. There are lots of others sites that inform about PC games, you are not forced to read RPS, but you will somehow be push to read RPS because is the best.

    My main pet-peeve about RPS is the strange white-knigthing about women right on the gamming world. I think cross the line. Reporting about a game, and making fun of it, that just what a RPS reader expect from the site.

    Also since RPS has grown a lot since his learnign years, theres a lot more people commenting now, and some of them don’t know the culture, and act like RPS is somewhat like a subreddit. And the comments format of RPS don’t allow for quality and quantity to share a comment section.

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