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…and Everything Else

Apologies for my absence, I just completed a journey of 2500 miles from the northwest of the United States to the southeast by car, with a three month old baby. I am now temporarily residing in a very old house that seems like it would make a good Blood level, while I look for work in the area.

I’ve got a few new article ideas in the works, and it is more a matter of finding the time that I can type them up without waking our daughter. Hope to post again very soon.

…and Everything Else

The site has been quiet, but my life has not. Things have picked up in taking care of my daughter, I’ve had some personal illness problems, and a new project is starting up at work. On that same note, I have decided to leave my current job and return to the south so as to be closer to my family as we raise our own family. So now our home is a bluster of packing and paring down, in between diaper changes and bottle washing.

I’ve got a few articles in the works, but am stopping to do this general update one to freshen things up a bit. Today is my 30th birthday, and to mark that I got my first “flawless” Call of Duty game, with 10 kills and 0 deaths. I used quotes because I did not earn the medal, as I joined about 30 seconds after the game started. Oh well. I’ve taken pleasure in my increased ability to predict an opponent who has gone behind concealment and still hit them without line of sight. I’m still usually doing terribly, but I’m catching fleeing targets that I typically would not.

On the subject of multiplayer, though on a vastly higher skill level than my own, and in a higher skill game, there was an excellent Quake Live match between Evil and clawz. The first match isn’t much to behold, but the second was quite thrilling to watch. If you are unfamiliar with Quake Live, Evil is one of the champions, a feared player by most and a respected player by the best. clawz is a relative newcomer, younger than the average member of the competitive Quake community, so in some ways you don’t get more of an odd match up.

So enjoy that, the second match, which is the best, starts at 11:39.

Lots more has happened, but I should probably spend more of my birthday either having fun, or being productive.

…and Everything Else

First a thank you to those who read, and those who have clicked an ad. The revenue since I’ve put them up just cleared the monthly hosting cost. Having a hobby become revenue neutral, even if just for one month, is a wonderful thing. I guess I could try making the blog a little more optimized for search engines, but I don’t know how many people are even looking for things like “blog where the person games but expects more from games but doesn’t think it is cool to get angry about it and knows something about game development but isn’t a programmer and also thinks most game news sites are bad”. Maybe I could just make that a tag on every post?

I got a proper night’s sleep for the first time in a while, a rare thing with a baby, and so I’m feeling pretty energetic about the rest of this week. I am hoping to maintain this rhythm of three “Real Posts” a week, with one update post, but am also considering doing quick little Aside posts on off-days where I share links and videos I enjoy. I am still of mixed opinions on that, as I don’t have a desire to become an aggregate. I’d rather just opine and observe. That being said, here are some random links:

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…and Everything Else

Thus concludes my first week of taking this blog seriously. I updated the stylesheet a little bit, created a Twitter, embedded the Twitter, added a YouTube widget, brought in some ads, made several posts, and began the work of establishing a schedule. I’ve got another post scheduled for Monday, and ideas for both a Wednesday and a Friday post.

This week I also ordered an Xbox 360 gamepad for the sake of continuing my Let’s Play of Rogue Legacy. I hope to also start one of Dark Souls (I’ve intentionally kept myself ignorant as to the game’s content to make for a better LP). A consideration I’ve had has been one of streaming on Twitch at least once a week. Fodder for that would likely be Spelunky, Minecraft, Quake, Doom, and who knows what else. These may or may not have commentary, as all I have at present is a webcam microphone.

As you can hear in that playlist, and some of this is just experience difference and tone of voice, but Jehar is loud and clear, where as I am muddled and mixed in with the game sound. Practice will help, but a proper dedicated mic will also help. So until that is the case, I will probably not be providing vocal commentary.

I hope to make this post a regular thing, as well as three or so normal posts a week, so you readers can reliably come here a few times of week for content.

The image up top is from the Battlefield 3 campaign, where I came across a bunch of NPCs T-posing in a rather creepy fashion.