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Introducing Reviews

Coming soon, the post content will expand to the subject of reviews for games and mods. This will not be on a particular schedule, nor will I strive to cover the latest and greatest releases, but rather if I have enough thoughts covering multiple aspects of a release – rather than one or two components – then I may likely write a review.

Reviews will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10, where you essentially extrapolate that to a multiplier of 10% quality/goodness/positive whatnot. I am not adhering to the rule of every game being between a 7 and a 10. I don’t anticipate the reviews being popular by any means, but, sometimes you want to say something.

I have one in the pipe, expect it next week, and another which I will start writing soon. After that, it will happen as I am moved to review something, be it new or old. The upcoming reviews are both new releases, but that is largely coincidental. You are just as likely to see me review Duke Nukem 3d or the AirQuake mod as you would a preview build of Amid Evil. The primary criteria is having at least 800 words to say about more than two aspects of it, and having reached a conclusion as to my feelings on the product that I believe I can quantify with my scale.

I hope you at least find them interesting, keep your eyes peeled for next week.

A Personal Life Update

I have been absent for a while now. Life events. Work, writing for TruePCGaming, and the biggest of all was the last half of my wife’s pregnancy and the birth of my first child. Obviously these things consume time, but I hope to make a return to this blog soon, with at least weekly posts. Expect one later on this week. For anyone who still checks the site from time to time, thank you for your patience, I will try to reward it with more content.