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What Is a Gamer?

I hear a lot of self-identification as a gamer. I encounter it often, usually as either a badge of pride, or a signal of commonality with another. This seems a little nonsensical to me. Games are everywhere, they are constantly being made and released. They are as ubiquitous as they are common. They represent dozens and dozens of countries in the world, for development alone, they depict dozens of cultures, hundreds of ideas and concepts, across numerous genres and sub-genres, and even sub-sub-genres.

I may call myself a gamer, and have nothing in common as far as gaming goes with the next one hundred people I meet who also call themselves a gamer. When I say video games, I don’t think of Secret of Mana, Peggle, Battlefield, or Gears of War. I also don’t think of Dirt, Street Fighter, Tetris, Full Throttle, or World of Warcraft. The term gamer is so broad it is useless. Do we identify as film watchers and announce it? Continue reading