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I Am a Gamer

I told myself I wouldn’t write about this. My concern with this blog is video games. Mechanics, designs, trends, culture, as well as the errors in covering such. I try to keep my politics rather separate, and have recently taken steps to keep politics out of my life per a doctor’s advice. Politics came to my gaming, and I’ve been flabbergasted by much of what I have seen.

I’m not going to talk about individuals, or even the hot topics. I am going to address some mental patterns I have observed among us writing class. This was spurred by the sudden appearance of “gamers are dead” themed articles. I don’t care if they appeared as part of a concerted effort, because grassroots or not, the idea itself is a bizarre attitude to take and should be addressed.

I recently wrote an article titled “What Is a Gamer” which explored how the term can be empty, as it is so broad an umbrella that it encompasses almost too many things. Like a stadium with a roof that could be mistaken for the sky. I stand by that article, particularly regarding the scope of my own life, but at the same time I must acknowledge that no matter how broad an umbrella, it still casts a shadow. I am much more than a gamer, all gamers are, but I remain a gamer.

The idea of “gamers” being dead is laughable, but the volume at which it is being touted by those who hold the megaphones on the internet is alarming. How many times have we seen a declaration of PC gaming being dead in the past decade? That was hyperbolic and inaccurate, and was regarded as such by any serious thinkers when it was said. Now we get a proclamation for not just a platform, but a category of people by the editors and writers of the most prominent sites. Is it any less hyperbolic or inaccurate? No. It is inflammatory writing, and frankly diving so deep in to such strong and divisive language is unprofessional. I’m not talking ethics here, I’m talking simply knowing your craft. This is shock authoring with a veneer of critique to claim a transcendence over an audience you don’t like. Continue reading

What Is a Gamer?

I hear a lot of self-identification as a gamer. I encounter it often, usually as either a badge of pride, or a signal of commonality with another. This seems a little nonsensical to me. Games are everywhere, they are constantly being made and released. They are as ubiquitous as they are common. They represent dozens and dozens of countries in the world, for development alone, they depict dozens of cultures, hundreds of ideas and concepts, across numerous genres and sub-genres, and even sub-sub-genres.

I may call myself a gamer, and have nothing in common as far as gaming goes with the next one hundred people I meet who also call themselves a gamer. When I say video games, I don’t think of Secret of Mana, Peggle, Battlefield, or Gears of War. I also don’t think of Dirt, Street Fighter, Tetris, Full Throttle, or World of Warcraft. The term gamer is so broad it is useless. Do we identify as film watchers and announce it? Continue reading