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This is Not How You Review Games

Two popular tweets going around are pictures of Steve Hogarty’s reviews of expansions for The Sims 2. Retweeted by a variety of people, including of course illustrious RPS folk, the reviews are considered raw, gritty, accurate, and the fact that EA execs wanted him fired from PC Zone just validates those claims.

As you can see from the header, it certainly isn’t worried about being “edgy.” So yes the article is very gruff, and gruffness has a place. Being blunt, sometimes even foul, can go a long ways for your message. But is this a well written review? Well no, it isn’t. I would say it doesn’t even qualify as a review, but rather merely slander upon some strawman at EA. The review, as you can see, is a hypothetical story about EA executives sharing a moment where they dream up a way to bilk people of their cash. Shortly after one of the executives returns home, strikes his wife, and commits suicide. All over being part of such a horrible thing as Sims 2 expansions. The final line is just an insult. Continue reading