Stay a While and Listen…

I have sat on this domain for far too long without doing anything of substance with it, so here begins an attempt to actually utilize it productively. Yes, it is a video game blog, and it will be an “opinionated” one. I will dive into nitty gritty moments of mechanics and immersion for specific titles, where a genre is heading or has been, where the industry seems to be heading, the state of gaming journalism, how the medium is being used as “art”, and even just things that I think are cool.

You may find rough around the edges, and in the middle, reviews. More likely you will find editorials, musings, and perhaps some fiction. I am most decidedly a PC gamer and will follow such. My favorite game is Quake, the original, and though I may not always post on it as news is slow in this day and age for it, it will be a foundation to many things I say.

The banner is a drawing biff_debris once did for my birthday, I find it to be most excellent.