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…and Everything Else

Thus concludes my first week of taking this blog seriously. I updated the stylesheet a little bit, created a Twitter, embedded the Twitter, added a YouTube widget, brought in some ads, made several posts, and began the work of establishing a schedule. I’ve got another post scheduled for Monday, and ideas for both a Wednesday and a Friday post.

This week I also ordered an Xbox 360 gamepad for the sake of continuing my Let’s Play of Rogue Legacy. I hope to also start one of Dark Souls (I’ve intentionally kept myself ignorant as to the game’s content to make for a better LP). A consideration I’ve had has been one of streaming on Twitch at least once a week. Fodder for that would likely be Spelunky, Minecraft, Quake, Doom, and who knows what else. These may or may not have commentary, as all I have at present is a webcam microphone.

As you can hear in that playlist, and some of this is just experience difference and tone of voice, but Jehar is loud and clear, where as I am muddled and mixed in with the game sound. Practice will help, but a proper dedicated mic will also help. So until that is the case, I will probably not be providing vocal commentary.

I hope to make this post a regular thing, as well as three or so normal posts a week, so you readers can reliably come here a few times of week for content.

The image up top is from the Battlefield 3 campaign, where I came across a bunch of NPCs T-posing in a rather creepy fashion.