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…and Everything Else

First a thank you to those who read, and those who have clicked an ad. The revenue since I’ve put them up just cleared the monthly hosting cost. Having a hobby become revenue neutral, even if just for one month, is a wonderful thing. I guess I could try making the blog a little more optimized for search engines, but I don’t know how many people are even looking for things like “blog where the person games but expects more from games but doesn’t think it is cool to get angry about it and knows something about game development but isn’t a programmer and also thinks most game news sites are bad”. Maybe I could just make that a tag on every post?

I got a proper night’s sleep for the first time in a while, a rare thing with a baby, and so I’m feeling pretty energetic about the rest of this week. I am hoping to maintain this rhythm of three “Real Posts” a week, with one update post, but am also considering doing quick little Aside posts on off-days where I share links and videos I enjoy. I am still of mixed opinions on that, as I don’t have a desire to become an aggregate. I’d rather just opine and observe. That being said, here are some random links:

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